Kenmere Primary Admissions Policy

The following admissions policy will be implemented at Kenmere Primary School:
  • A learner will be admitted to Grade R if he /she in terms of the national age policy 5 years, turning 6 in_ the year of admission subject to the developmental readiness of the child.
  • A learner will be admitted to Grade 1 if he/she in terms of the national age policy 6 years, turning 7 in the year of admission subject to the developmental readiness of the child.
  • Priority should be given to children for whom Kenmere Primary is the nearest appropriate Grade R OR has a sibling/s at Kenmere Primary OR is a child of a past pupil at Kenmere Primary, we will take into consideration, these factors form part of the core criteria for admission to Kenmere Primary School.
  • All other learners will be admitted to school without discrimination or prejudice on production of Birth Certificate, a report card and an Official Transfer Form from the previous school.
  • Learners will not be subjected to an admission test unless agreed upon by the parents and admission to the school will not be based solely on the result of such a test.
  • Learners will not be refused admission to school if such learners are in arrears with school fees. In such a case action should be taken against the parent, not the learner.
  • Learners’ admission at school will be non-sexist, non-racist and solely dependent on the number of learners already in the classroom.
  • Kenmere Primary is a single medium school_ and the language of instruction is ENGLISH. Accordingly, all learners admitted to Kenmere Primary will need to be sufficiently proficient in English so as not to prejudice their academic progress. From Grade 3 onwards all learners shall be offered at least one additional approved language, AFRIKAANS as subjects.
  • No learner will be refused access to the school on the grounds of poverty or historical disadvantage.
  • A learner will not be denied admission to classes, cultural, sporting or social activities of the school, access to school reports or transfer certificates or otherwise be compromised on the grounds that his or her parents is unable to or has not paid the required school fees.


Parents and guardians are reminded of their responsibilities and rights with regard to the enrolling of their children for school:

  • It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to enrol their children for the following school year if they are entering school – as per WCED admission dates.
  • Parents and guardians must distinguish between the child being “enrolled” and “placed on a waiting list”. Being on a waiting list is not a guarantee that their child learner will be admitted to our school.

Priority will be given to:

  • Learners with siblings at Kenmere Primary School;
  • Learners living in the area/vicinity;
  • Feeding ECD centres in the area;
  • Date of application.

Submission of on-line applications to Kenmere Primary School does not guarantee a place at the school.

  1. Any parent, who applies after the target number for the four classes is reached, is told by the secretary that the classes are full and they are advised by her that they should seek admission at another school and that their child’s name would be placed on a waiting list on their request. The understanding is that if any cancellations are made, she would contact the parent by telephone/email.
  2. All parents are duly informed of their children’s acceptance and the necessary forms are posted/emailed to their homes. Forms are to be returned by a stipulated date.
  3. Parents who do not return forms are called telephonically/by email to ascertain whether their children will/will not be attending school.
  4. This gives the secretary a indication of how many vacancies there are and she now refers to the waiting list in a strict first come first serve basis.
  5. The final check occurs during the week school re-opens and learners physically arrive at school. If a child does not attend school on the first day, the secretary will once again telephonically call/email such parents, to make doubly sure that the child’s enrolment should/should not be cancelled. If there is a cancellation, to be fair to all parents, she will call parents on the waiting list, to inform them that there is a vacancy that can be filled.
  6. Preference is always given to the learners who progress from Grade R to Grade 1 and those who are in Grade 1 and do not progress to Grade 2.
  7. The exact procedure as for the Grade R’s is followed. The only difference is the number of learners that can be enrolled i.e., in Grade R ±128.
Download Application-Check-List
Download Admission Form

Exemption from the payment of school fees is only applicable from GRADE 1 – GRADE 12 and NOT to GRADE R.

The parents of learners in Grade R are obliged to pay the fees as required by the school.

(Government Gazette 29392, November 2006)

Parents and guardians must, in the first instance, deal directly with the school at which they wish to enrol their child. Should they, however, encounter difficulty in enrolling their child they may approach their local education district for assistance on 021 514 6700.