The school’s expectations from Parents

Kenmere Primary School prides itself on the good relations it enjoys with parents. While parents can expect the school to provide their children with the best possible education with resources available, parents must also accept certain responsibilities which will help the school achieve its goals.

Parents shall strive to:
  • nurture their children’s learning through guidance, questioning, assisting and showing interest in their children’s academic progress.
  • support teachers in their efforts to teach their children by checking test results, helping to set goals, regularly consulting the term planner.
  • communicate with teachers or the principal regarding areas of concern before they become major issues.
  • involve themselves as much as possible in the school’s activities and where assistance needed.
  • attend all meeting and interviews with staff.
  • read newsletters and diarise important dates. (including school app)
  • familiarise themselves with the school’s policies, the Code of Conduct and all school communications to avoid confusion, and support the school in the implementation and administration thereof.
  • ensure that they are familiar with curriculum content, and assessment and progression requirements for every term.
  • provide daily opportunities for their children to complete work at home.
  • ensure that their children attend school every day for the full duration of each day until end of term.
  • ensure that their children arrive punctually for all school activities
  • ensure that contact details for both parents are kept up to date at all times and that the school is advised of any change in domestic arrangements.
  • be positive about Kenmere Primary School to the outside world even when dealing with issues within the school.
  • fulfil their financial obligation to the school by paying school fees as agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting of the parent body.
  • inculcate sound values and norms in their children to ensure that every child at our school contributes to the maintenance of a conducive learning.
  • Teach their children about the important aspects about The Covid-19.