Kenmere Primary Code of Conduct


The Learners’ General Code of Conduct is a statutory requirement and in accordance with the South African Schools Act. (Act No. 84, 1996)

The following code is based on the values promoted by KENMERE PRIMARY SCHOOL and attention is placed on the following principles:

  1. The rules must be
  2. There must be good reasons for the
  3. Learners are expected to know the
  4. Learners need to know the reasons for the
  5. Learners need to know the consequences for any infringement of the rules.
  6. All consequent actions and penalties must be designed to change behavioral.





  • Learners are to arrive at school at 50 in the morning before the bell rings and to line up as required.
  • Learners may not leave the school before closing time without the permission of the Principal OR Deputy Principals OR a designated Senior
  • Learners must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


When a learner is absent a letter must be brought to school to explain their absence. This letter must be signed by a parent or guardian of the child. 


Parents are to ensure that all letters are read and that reply slips are signed and returned to school timeously.


School property, including text books and library books, shall not be negligently or willfully damaged, defaced or soiled by any learner, nor shall property be borrowed without permission. Any property so damaged is to be made good by arrangement with the Principal.


Unless a learner is engaged in some school activity that requires his/her presence there, or unless he/she has permission from the Principal or an educator, the following places are out of bounds:

  • All classrooms – before school, during breaks and after dismissal at the close of day.
  • The quadrangle.
  • Main entrance and front garden.
  • The park for Grade 1 to Grade 7 learners.
  • All areas where cars are parked.
  • Boys toilets by Girls and Girls toilets by Boys.
  • Toilets designated to grades.


When a learner has committed himself/herself to an extra-mural activity he/she must fulfil all obligations and responsibilities in this regard to the satisfaction of the Principal and the educator in charge. Each learner is required to participate in the extra-mural programmes of the term. Sportswear should always be worn.


Learners may not sell articles or tickets at school without prior permission from the Principal or Deputies.




  • All learners must obey the school
  • Learners must line up immediately when the bell rings before school and after intervals in an orderly
  • All movement is to be on the
  • No unnecessary walking around or talking while lessons are in
  • Learners may not leave their desks if an educator is not in the
  • Learners may not chew gum in
  • Learners may not eat inside the classrooms, except during inclement weather or with their teacher’s
  • Learners must obey the instructions of educators at all
  • Learners must not cheat during tests or
  • Learners must move in an orderly fashion to designated venues g. assembly or other classrooms.
  • Truancy from lessons, including leaving school without permission is not
  • Cell phones must be left at home or handed to teachers until end of school
  • Possession of cigarettes, tobacco products, drugs, guy Fawkes paraphernalia lighters and matches are not allowed on the school
  • No bullying, name calling or intimidation will be
  • No infringing on other learner’s rights to a good
  • Littering at school and home should be
  • No learners shall fight or play unofficial games liable to cause injury or damage to other learners of school property; no learners shall behave in a rowdy manner or in such a way as to provoke other

All learners must adhere to Covid-19 protocols.


NONE of the following is permitted.

  • Running on stoep or playground
  • Littering
  • Playing of rough games
  • Playing in toilets
  • Climbing of trees
  • Fighting
  • Use of crude language
  • Bullying and intimidation
  • Possession of weapons
  • Possession of cigarettes, tobacco products, drugs, lighters and
  • Radios, Walkman’s, tape recorders, electronic pets/games, play toys, play toy guns, fidget spinners, cell phones without the permission from an
  • Riding of bicycles or skateboards during school
  • Graffiti


  • Learners should be respectful at all
  • While wearing the school uniform in public, all rules of conduct
  • Learners need to be encouraged to exercise self-control.




An individual’s character is reflected in his/her dress and appearance. It is therefore essential that attention be given to one’s bearing before others, in the way we walk and in the way we dress. Pride in one’s school is shown by the way we wear our uniform. This also gives the learners a sense of identity and belonging.


  • Check school dress
  • Blue shirt with school tie or school golf shirt
  • Grey school jersey or tracksuit top
  • White anklet socks
  • Black school shoes


  • Grey flannel pants (short or long)
  • Blue shirt with school tie or school golf shirt
  • Grey school jersey or tracksuit top
  • Grey socks
  • Black school shoes


  • Royal blue golf shirt and navy blue shorts / skort (girls) School Tracksuit
  • Black Tommy Takkies
  1. Learners shall wear the correct, clean, official school uniform. All items of clothing must be marked with the learner’s name on, Educators will not be held responsible for any lost item/s e.g. clothes, jewelry, etc.
  1. Tracksuits are only to be worn during the second and the third term. (April – September)
  1. Shoes must be polished regularly. 
  1. Learners must wear the correct Physical Education clothes for all extra-mural Royal blue gold shirt, navy short/skort and black tommy takkies.
  1. Only regular/normal haircuts for boys – not longer than neckline and above the FOR BOYS;
    • Tinted hair is not allowed
    • No extreme Short and neat hairstyles ONLY.

No lines or designs. Difference between sides and top should be one.


  • Hair must be tired back, if long, into a ponytail/s.
  • Hair accessories must be plain blue or
  1. Girls, with pierced ears, may only wear one pair of plain gold or silver stud earrings or small. Only watches and medic alert discs may be worn.
  1. Nails are to be kept short and no nail polish is not allowed
  1. Only white sweaters may be worn under the winter uniform and may not protrude uniform.


  • Late coming is not tolerated. Being on time is a life skill.
  • NO odd coloured jerseys/jackets will be allowed
  • During winter, NO bomber/baseball jackets will be allowed.
  • Only blue rain jackets will be allowed.
  • Muslim girls will be allowed to wear a navy-blue scarf ONLY during fast.
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