Parents Guide to School Fees

Please remember to contact the Finance Office (contact details below) if your financial situation has changed, or if you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties. We are especially proud of the responsible attitude of current and past KPS families with regard to the payment of school fees. We aim to continue this proud tradition – doing so will ensure that not only our children, but those of future generations, will reap the benefits.

1. Who is responsible for fees?

The South African Schools Act stipulates that both biological parents are responsible for paying school fees, no matter what a divorce order or agreement between two parties might say. The school reserves the right to contact both parents at any point in the fee collection process or proceed legally against both parties if the fees are in arrears.

2. How are fees determined?

Every year the School Governing Body prepares an Income and Expenditure Budget for the following year. All expenses are carefully budgeted for and a School Fee Income is derived to be able to cover all our expenses. This budget is presented by the School Governing Body to the parents. At this meeting, the parents have an opportunity to vote on the budget and school fees.

This decision becomes binding on all families.

3. What are the fees for 2022?

Grade One to Seven = R250.00 per month, alternatively R2500.00 pa.

All parents applying for EXEMPTIONS must provide a letter to the SGB for approval.

Grade R – R320.00 per month, alternatively R3200.00 pa.

Please Note: All fees quoted above are per annum.


These fees do not include costs for stationery, camps or any other activity the school provides during the academic year.

4. When are school fees due and payable?

Fees are payable via Debit Order – this method is compulsory for all new families. Debit Order Forms are available from the Finance Secretary (Ms Muller).

You may also make payment via internet banking directly into our bank account.

5. How do I pay my school (and other) fees?

School Fees are payable in end of January Annually.

We do, however, also offer a monthly payment option – in this instance fees are payable in equal amounts over 10 months from January to October.

Banking Details:

FNB – N1 City Branch
Account number:  502 707 65059
Branch code:  200410
6. Does the school send out fee statements?

Yes! Statements are sent out at the beginning of each month.

Please ensure that we have your latest e-mail address on record so that you can continue receiving fee statements.

A hard copy of your fee statement will be sent home with your child if you do not have an e-mail address


Email Finance/School Fees: